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Shakespeare Courses | Alison

Course Our free online courses were designed by experts and universities to give you an interactive and enriched learning experience. Alison® online courses are the most affordable and flexible way to learn and gain new skills while earning valuable certificates and degrees, for free. Shakespeare Courses. These free online Shakespeare courses will teach you everything you need to … More Information

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Shakespeare Course - XpCourse

Course This course features a set of 25 lectures given by Professor Paul Cantor on Shakespeare and politics, covering eight plays in this order: Coriolanus, Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, Henry V, The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth. More Courses ›› View Course Shakespeare's Life and Work | edX Online More Information

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Shakespeare Courses - XpCourse

Course The History of Shakespeare Diploma Course will take you up to 150 hours to complete, working from home. There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. This is a Level 3 course and will give you 150 CPD (Continued Professional Development) points. More Information

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Shakespeare | Online Summer Courses

Course This course provides an introductory survey of Shakespearean drama through a focused study of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and five plays: The Merchant of Venice, Henry V, Hamlet, Othello, and The Tempest . Complementing our close reading of the plays, we will also be situating the texts in relation to their literary, theatrical, and historical contexts. More Information

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Shakespeare Course Description - IMSA

PDF Course The course is a collaborative endeavor and we will work as a team to develop insightful and relevant readings of Shakespeare’s work. Students will come to class prepared to discuss and actively participate in debates about interpretations of our assigned reading. We will all be required to read Shakespeare's language aloud. We will also all More Information

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Shakespeare After All

PDF Course Fake Shakespeare play Double Falsehood 'is genuine' after all Shakespeare After All: The Later Plays has been added to our collection of Free Online Literature Courses, a subset of our collection, 1,500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. Shakespeare After All: The Later Plays (A Free Course from ... More Information

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Shakespeare’s Storytelling

PDF Course Shakespeare courses focus on these topics. This is wonderful for aspiring professional Shakespeareans, who see clear connections between what they learn in Shakespeare, what they think is impor-tant, and what they’ll do in the future. But in my sections of Shakespeare, every aspiring Shakespeare professor enrolls in the company of about fifty More Information

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Shakespeare Courses | Harvard University

Course Browse the latest online Shakespeare courses from Harvard University, including "Shakespeare’s Hamlet: The Ghost" and "Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice: Shylock." More Information

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Courses — Shakespeare For All

Course See how Shakespeare grapples with our most timeless political problems within a deeply moving human story, in his most philosophically charged comedy. Coriolanus Follow a series of shocking reversals in Shakespeare’s final Roman tragedy, in which an elite soldier turns his Roman training against Rome itself. More Information

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MOOCs - Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Course A 6-week course designed for people who are learning English and are interested in the language and legacy of William Shakespeare. This course looks at the life and works of William Shakespeare, taking you from his Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon to the Globe Theatre in London, exploring five of his best loved plays along the way. More Information

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Shakespeare's Life and Work | edX

Course Shakespeare's Life and Work Estimated 4 weeks 5–7 hours per week Self-paced Progress at your own speed Free Optional upgrade available There is one session available: 71,113 already enrolled! After a course session ends, it will be archived . Starts Apr 22 Enroll More Information

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Shakespeare Course | The Shakespeare Sessions

Course We offer tailored Shakespeare courses to young people aged between 8-18 both privately and in conjunction with schools. The basic structure of a course is: - A series of two-hour drama workshops introducing students to a variety of Shakespeare's themes and texts. - A session on close reading of monologues with an Oxford Shakespeare specialist. More Information

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Material Shakespeare

Course Shakespeare courses on a voluntary, elective basis. In spite of concerted ef- forts in academia to level distinctions between high and low forms of art, Shakespeare retains a strong attraction for many undergraduates because his works speak to the depths of human experience with language that is no less than tran- ... More Information

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Teaching Shakespeare to ESL Students

PDF Course Shakespeare outdoes his university-educated colleagues, while in Oxford the Christ Church scholar Thomas Goffe composed a play in English about the vengeance of Orestes ( The Tragedy of Orestes , 1617, published in his Three Excellent Tragedies in 1656) which is substantially composed of deliberate allusions to Hamlet . Soon More Information

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Folger's Black Shakespeare Course in Partnership …

Course Apr 25, 2022 · April 25, 2022. Washington, DC – At this year’s annual April meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America, the Folger received the 2022 Shakespeare Publics Award for its Black Shakespeare course developed in partnership with Reconstruction, an online education company.Designed for middle and high school students, the five-unit course … More Information

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2018 Seminar Abstracts - Shakespeare and Service Courses

PDF Course 2018 SAA Seminar: Shakespeare and Service Courses 2 Leader: Kelly Neil, Spartanburg Methodist College My paper will attend to the political and pedagogical opportunities service-learning (SL) courses afford students and teachers of Shakespeare. I’ll consider to what extent service-learning is a More Information


Courses | Learn | Shakespeare's Globe

Course Courses for individuals, groups and companies Celebrate the transformative impact of Shakespeare through courses and training sessions led by expert Globe practitioners. Use this page to browse upcoming courses, plus find out about Globe Youth Theatre , our training programme The Studio , our MA in Shakespeare Studies and also opportunities for businesses. More Information


Shakespeare | Literature | MIT OpenCourseWare

Course Course Description. Three hundred and eighty years after his death, William Shakespeare remains the central author of the English-speaking world; he is the most quoted poet and the most regularly produced playwright — and now among the most popular screenwriters as well. Why is that, and who “is” he? More Information


Introduction to Who Wrote Shakespeare | Coursera

Course This free course from the University of London explores critical thinking, and the interpretation of texts, through the Shakespeare authorship question. Using doubt about Shakespeare’s authorship as our playground, we will explore the key concept of authorship attribution, while developing skills in literary analysis, interpretation, and argument. Through forensic exploration … More Information


Learn About Shakespeare with Online Courses, Classes,

Course Shakespearean Courses and Certifications. Adelaide X's course, Shakespeare Matters, introduce's the Bard's works through emotions. You'll learn a different centered emotion each week as portrayed by Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's … More Information


Shakespeare Study Guide Course - Online Video Lessons

Course Dec 21, 2021 · Introduction to Shakespeare: Life and Works. Shakespeare Study Guide • 57K views • 17 min. About this course: 7 hours of educational videos. 55 self-paced lessons. 7 practice tests. Expert ... More Information


Top Shakespeare Courses Online - Updated [April 2022]

Course Shakespeare Courses All Shakespeare courses information alert Not sure? All courses have a 30-day money-back guarantee Why learn on Udemy? Learn in-demand skills with over 185,000 video courses Choose courses taught by real-world experts Learn at your own pace, with lifetime access on mobile and desktop More Information


Classes - Shakespeare Theatre Company

Course at the Shakespeare Theatre Company Spring Classes start April 18. Both In-Person and Online Classes are offered. TUITION FOR ALL ONLINE CLASSES IS $199 TUITION FOR ALL IN-PERSON CLASSES IS $299 Class Time: 6:45–9:15 p.m. ET, once a week for six weeks Location: All In-Person Classes will be taught at STC’s Rehearsal Studios at 516 […] More Information


Free Online Course - Shakespeare (FutureLearn)

Course Shakespeare (FutureLearn) Shakespeare is a free Online MOOC Course, Offered by British Council via FutureLearn. Enroll In Course Add to wishlist Be ahead to learn something new Today Flexible Online Learning Verified Certificate* Add powers to your Resume Access course Anytime, Anywhere Questions? Request a Call Back Description More Information


Leisure Courses - Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Course Sign up to one of our free online Shakespeare courses. Shakespeare's Birthplace. Where the story began. Anne Hathaway's Cottage. Relive Shakespeare's love story. Shakespeare's New Place. Walk in Shakespeare’s footsteps. More Information


Spring into Shakespeare - Short Course - Shakespeare …

Course Apr 11, 2022 · Spring into Shakespeare is a short course designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to study Shakespeare at postgraduate level. It develops a critical understanding of the playwright’s contribution to literary and theatrical history, and the place his works occupy in today’s cultural landscape. More Information


EDU-967: Shakespeare for Elementary Students

Course Usborne Complete Shakespeare is an optional companion for teaching your students plots and characters. By the end of this course you will have skills to confidently teach your elementary students the value of Shakespeare’s works and memorization. You will create and demonstrate More Information


THE 421 Shakespeare: Stage and Film

PDF Course equivalents for Shakespeare’s dialogue, and offer a different means of bring the play’s physical world(s) to vivid life. In general, stage productions use the highest percentage of Shakespeare’s text, while television versions use less, and films even less than television (sometimes using only about 30% of Shakespeare’s dialogue), More Information


Free Online Shakespeare Courses: Primers on the Bard from …

Course Approaching Shakespeare – Free iTunes Audio – Free Online Audio – Emma Smith, Oxford. Shakespeare After All: The Later Plays – Free Course in Multiple Formats – Marjorie Garber, Harvard. Shakespeare’s Principal Plays – Free iTunes Audio – Free Online Audio – Ralph Williams, University of Michigan. Survey of Shakespeare’s ... More Information


Shakespeare's Life and Work | Harvard University

Course With short videos filmed on location in England and readings covering topics like Shakespeare's contemporaries and the politics of modern performance, you will learn a range of critical tool that you can use to unlock the meaning and relevance of Shakespeare’s plays. Join us as we visit Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was born in 1564 ... More Information


Shakespeare (Online) | Oxford University Department …

Course May 04, 2022 · This course focuses on five Shakespeare plays, covering a range of genres and periods of his writing. There is an emphasis on both page and stage (or film), and on enriching enjoyment and appreciation of Shakespeare`s work in the context of his own time and of ours. Listen to Professor Emma Smith talking about the course. More Information


How to Read and Understand Shakespeare - The …

Course 2 Shakespeare’s Theater and Stagecraft 3 A Midsummer Night’s Dream—Comic Tools 4 A Midsummer Night’s Dream—Comic Structure 5 Romeo and Juliet—Words, Words, Words 6 Romeo and Juliet—The Tools of Tragedy 7 Appearance versus Reality in Twelfth Night 8 Twelfth Night—More Comic Tools 9 Richard II—History and Kingship More Information


How to Read and Understand Shakespeare - Die Zeit

PDF Course Unlike many Shakespeare courses that seek to inform the reader of the lecturer’s view of the plays, this course seeks to empower you so that you are able to understand Shakespeare’s plays on your own. Whether reading the plays on the page or watching them on the stage or screen, you will be able to grasp the details of the play as well as ... More Information


NAIS Schools Studying Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon

PDF Course The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is the world’s leading charity in promoting the works, life and times of. William Shakespeare. Our study courses in Stratford-upon-Avon offer you a unique Shakespeare centered experience combining visits to the five authentic Shakespeare Houses, outstanding Library and Archive Collections More Information


Introduction: First-Generation Shakespeare

Course scholarship is holding Shakespeare studies back from diversifying in many ways. Though they come at this problem from different angles, the authors consistently demonstrate that what we do in our Shakespeare courses, whether those courses take place in liberal arts colleges, research universities, or community colleges, has More Information


Study: Top universities dropping Shakespeare …

Course Apr 23, 2015 · The four universities that required a course dedicated to Shakespeare were Harvard University, Wellesley College, the U.S. Naval Academy and the University of California-Berkeley. Poliakoff said that the council encourages all college students to study Shakespeare because the tough work involved in such a class can help prepare them for any job ... More Information


ENGL6320 / ENGL4320: Madness and Shakespeare - SLU

PDF Course ENGL6320 / ENGL4320: Madness and Shakespeare Fall 2015, Tuesdays 17:00-19:45 PRH 10 Dr Andrew J. Power Office: 317 San Ignacio Hall Office Hours: Mondays 12:00-14:00 Email: Phone: TBC Outline: Madness is a curiously common theme in Shakespeare's plays (comedies and histories More Information


Practical Approaches to Shakespeare in the Drama Classroom

PDF Course Shakespeare is one of the greatest resources a drama teacher can have: scenes packed with action; opportunities to explore ... teaches components of the creative writing and theatre courses for the Centauri Arts Academy. Julie’s novel for middle grade readers, The Finding Place, was published by Red Deer Press in September 2015. More Information


English Renaissance Drama: Theatre and Society in the Age …

Course Shakespeare “doth bestride the narrow world” of the English Renaissance “like a colossus,” leaving his contemporaries “walk under his large legs and peep about” to find themselves in “dishonourable graves.” This course aims in part to correct this grave injustice by surveying the extraordinary output of playwrights whose names ... More Information


April 24, 2022 English Majors Awards Ceremony

PDF Course Standish Henning Shakespeare Prize . This prize was established by Professor Andrew Weiner (emeritus) in recognition of his teacher and colleague Professor Standish Henning (emeritus). The prize is awarded for the best essay written by an undergraduate in one of the English Departments upper-level Shakespeare courses. Recipient: Carsyn Barber ... More Information


2021-22: Courses Filling Requirements for the English Major

PDF Course Jan 26, 2022 · Intro to Shakespeare EN225 (2 sections): Bl 4 (Love) Bl 7 (Evitt) Studies in Shakespeare (2 courses): Bl 2 EN326: Shakespeare (Love/Nelson) Bl 6 EN280: Navigating Identities in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries (Love) 18th Century/Romantics (3 courses): Bl 2: EN391: Early American Literature (Goldberg) Bl 3: EN329: Milton (Richman) More Information


SHAKESPEARE: COMEDIES Syllabus--Spring 2009

PDF Course Shakespeare: Comedies Office: Bobet Hall 326 MWF 11:30-12:20--BO 221 Hours: MWF 9:30-11:30; MWF 1:30- 2:30; & appt. (I am here other times, but make an appt. to be sure to find ... Shakespeare courses in the future or who is seriously interested in earlier literature own this book. For transport to class, however, the Riverside is extremely ... More Information



PDF Course Shakespeare’s exaltation of “graceful Christianity” in both the major and minor plot threads of one of Shakespeare’s most controversial plays. REQUIRED TEXTS 1) Marlowe, Christopher. The Jew of Malta. 3rd rev. ed. Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2009. ISBN: 978-0713677669. 2) Shakespeare, William. The Merchant of Venice. Yale, 2006. More Information



PDF Course SHAKESPEARE STUDY COURSES BOOKING PROCEDURE AND COURSE BOOKING FORM Booking form – updated September 2019 Page 1 Please read the following carefully as it contains important information you need to be aware of when booking a study course with The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. If you More Information



PDF Course English Literature: Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream 35 Nuggets Much Ado About Nothing 40 Nuggets Macbeth 65 Nuggets Romeo & Juliet 80 Nuggets Our Shakespeare courses focus on plot, characters, themes, context, language, structure and form. Suitable for all exam boards and can be adapted to readers at all levels. More Information



PDF Course Courses include topic review diagnostics for each topic and exam-style paper review diagnostics that can be used as assessments or can aid planning revision sessions closer to exams. AQA: 8464 (QAN: 601/8758/X) *These courses are currently on a rolling release. Content from these courses will be included in the higher tier More Information


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What is the online course in Shakespeare?

Shakespeare (Online) Overview. This course focuses on five Shakespeare plays, covering a range of genres and periods of his writing. There is an emphasis on both page and stage (or film), and on enriching enjoyment and appreciation of Shakespeare`s work in the context of his own time and of ours.Search for: What is the online course in Shakespeare?

Where can I learn more about Shakespeare's works?

You'll learn a different centered emotion each week as portrayed by Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Othello, A Winter's Tale, and King Henry V. For a comprehensive look at Shakespeare and his life, Harvard offers an X-series program, Shakespeare's Outsiders.Search for: Where can I learn more about Shakespeare's works?

How can I become a better Shakespearean critic?

Develop new critical skills with which to approach Shakespeare on page and stage and, by extension, skills of literary criticism and appreciation applicable more generally. Discuss and debate their ideas with other participants and with the critical tradition. Feel more confident in going to see an unfamiliar Shakespeare play.Search for: How can I become a better Shakespearean critic?

What's it like to study Shakespeare's works at Harvard?

You'll learn a different centered emotion each week as portrayed by Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Othello, A Winter's Tale, and King Henry V. For a comprehensive look at Shakespeare and his life, Harvard offers an X-series program, Shakespeare's Outsiders. You'll study Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, and Othello in-depth.Search for: What's it like to study Shakespeare's works at Harvard?

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